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Our Wenatchee Washington team installs the most technologically advanced car starters to make a morning commute warm and toasty! We provide the best customer service, so you leave satisfied and knowledgable about your installation!

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Imagine waking up from your deep sleep to the silent sound of snow on the ground.  You look outside and there is a thin layer of ice on your windshield.  Who wants to walk outside to a frosty car and turn the ignition while chipping the ice off the front glass?  Why not install a remote car starter at Performance Auto Sound 509-662-8834 in Wenatchee, Washington and stay inside while your car warms.  Not only will the ice easily melt from the front of the car, but the car will be ready to heat up right as you pull out of the driveway.

A remote starter can sometimes be installed into an already live transmitter.  If your car comes with an unlock/lock remote or keyless entry transmitter, a remote car starter can be installed into the same system.  The benefit of having this type of transmitter is that you can start your car without the keys in the ignition, making it impossible to drive without the keys, but also warming the car so it is ready when you are.  The team at Performance Auto Sound 509-662-8834 can also install a remote starter on your ipod, i phone, or Droid phone.  Driving a car on a cold puts hardship on the engine.  Having a remote car starter installed will make your cars engine have a longer life.

At Performance Auto Sound 509-662-8834 in Wenatchee, Washington, our team of professionals will make sure you get the best remote starter for your make and model of car or truck.  It is important to find a quality installer of remote car starters, not only because you want your remote to have good range, but also because it may be under warranty and may need specific data to override a computerized key.

How do we install a remote car starter at Performance Auto Sound?

First, the remote electrical starter is connected manually to the ignition assembly of the car. We make sure all of these wires are connected to the starter properly for it to function correctly every time. When the driver pushes the button on the key fob, it sends a radio signal to the car module. This causes an electric current, which goes through the ignition wire to start the system, just as it starts if a key were inserted in the ignition. If your car has a manual transmission, no one needs to be in it to depress the clutch, as the remote signal overrides the clutch.  This makes a remote car starter a luxury that any car or truck owner can get installed at Performance Auto Sound.

Having your remote car starter installed at the car dealership will cost you a bundle for the exact same end product.  Why spend more money than you have to on a remote car starter?  Call Performance Auto Sound 509-662-8834 in Wenatchee, Washington to have your remote car starter installed today!  You should join the hundreds of Washington drivers who only drive in a warmed up car.

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