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“Are we there yet?”  How many times have parents in Washington heard this phrase during a car trip?  This would be the perfect time to introduce the family movie you have stashed in your mobile video system.  If you don’t have a mobile video system, visit us at Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington to get your car updated now!  No one wants to take a long drive without a video system for the passengers.

Picking out the perfect mobile video system for your car can be quite the task.  There are so many sizes, different mounting capabilities, and there are even video systems that can be stored away when not in use.  When you work alongside the team at Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington, you will find that your options are plenty!  We can install your mobile video system on the back of headrests in the front seat.  We can install a stand alone video system in the middle of the car.  We can make the video system rise from a center console.  We can also install a video system in the trunk, making your car the main attraction at any BBQ or party.

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We can install LCD screens in almost any place you can imagine in your car.  We are experienced at mounting mobile video systems discretely as well, if you prefer the screen be seen when wanted, but able to be hidden during other driving excursions.  We can install your mobile video system in many different ways, so call Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington to schedule a time to discuss your cars needs.

Perhaps you want to watch more than a DVD on your mobile video device.  We also install video game consoles complete with a controller for each player.  We can even include more than one screen for personal-screen gaming.  Each passenger (and driver) can enjoy their own entertainment by installing different mobile video screens for each space in the car.  The possibilities are endless and we can personalize your mobile video system to your auto needs and your personal desires.  Don’t let your perfect dream car be a fantasy.  The team at Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington can make it a reality!

Performance Auto Sound in Wenetchee, Washington installs:

  • LCD screens
  • DVD players
  • Video game consoles
  • Pull-down projector screens

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Having a mobile video system in your car is luxurious part of everyday life, however, having it added to your bill at the point of sale for a car at the dealer can be quite expensive.  Installing a video system at Performance Auto Sound will not only not break the bank and fit your budget, but will provide the perfect entertainment for your passengers during those long car trips or a quick errand to the store.

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