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Make locking and unlocking your car or truck as easy as touching a button by having Performance Auto Sound 509-662-8334 install your keyless entry system today!

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How wonderful would it be to have your hands full of groceries, gifts, mail, or your briefcase, but you wouldn’t need to lift a finger to unlock your car?  With today’s technology this is a possibility and carrying and loading items into your car can be less of a chore.  Everyone should install a remote keyless system in their car or truck because it makes life so much easier.  At Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington, we want to make your life easier!  Call us today to set up and appointment to install a keyless entry system in your car or truck today.  A keyless entry system can not only help your car lock and unlock from a far distance, but can also tell you where your car is in the parking lot with the click of a button.  That means walking around the parking lot searching for your car is a thing of the past.  No more remembering parking lot letters or numbers.  All you need to do is use your installed keyless entry remote and you will quickly find your car or truck.


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An installed remote keyless system can make your life so much easier by allowing you to unlock and lock your car without any physical contact with the car.  Some keyless entry systems can also be connected to a remote keyless ignition system, which will start your car without a key in the ignition.  At Performance Auto Sound in Wenetchee, Washington, our team of professionals can easily install your keyless entry for your car.  We use quality materials to make sure your installed keyless entry system will last as long as your car or truck.

With your installed keyless entry system you can:

  • lock your car from a distance
  • unlock the driver side from a distance
  • unlock your passengers doors from a distance
  • unlock your trunk from a distance

A keyless system can alert you to the cars security status, too.  A chirping sound and flashing lights are emitted from the car when it is locked using the remote.  Then, when your car is unlocked using the remote, a different chirping sound is emitted.  Lastly, another sound, either numerous chirps or a different sound, will sound when all four doors are unlocked using the remote system.  We at Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington would love to install your keyless entry system today.  Give us a call to make your life easier.

At Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington we use the most technologically advanced keyless entry systems.  We would love to walk you through all of the features available with your installed keyless entry system.  We can even test your keyless entry system with you to make sure all of your questions and concerns are met with security and complete comfort.

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