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Have you ever parked your car in a parking lot you’ve parked in plenty of times and returned to discover your window smashed, car nicked, or worst of all an empty space?  If not, consider yourself very lucky!  According to recent news articles, Washington state has become a hotbed for automobile thefts.  Experts recommend protecting your investments and installing an anti-theft warning device that can be both seen and heard.  Don’t give thieves an opening to steal your belongings and your car.  Install a car alarm system today at Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington and keep thieves at bay.

At Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington, we specialize in preventing the stress and anxiety that comes with a car burglary.  The utter shock and emotional betrayal that comes with the loss of personal electronics, a car stereo, important information, or a vehicle can be devastating.  Most car burglaries go unsolved and getting back your possessions can be nearly impossible.  That is why taking preventative measures and installing a remote alarm system is the best way to ensure that your car and the items inside it are safe and kept out of burglars’ hands.

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Installing a remote alarm system in your car will put your mind at ease that your car is secure and will not be tampered with while you go about your life.  Remote car alarms allow for flexibility and the many options available allow an alarm system to fit into any budget.  The team at Performance Auto Sound will work alongside you to make sure that your car alarm system fits all your needs so you can park your car with assurance and security.

Some remote car alarm options that we provide are:

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote starters
  • Ignition interruption
  • Two-way remotes
  • Dual shock sensors
  • Glass sensors

A trained Performance Auto Systems team member in Wenatchee, Washington can walk you through all of the options and help calculate which security options you need for your specific car security system.  Our team is experienced in all of the newest technology systems and provides top-notch service and installation of all security systems.  Place one of your largest financial investments, your car, in our capable hands and your automobile will be secure.

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When it comes to car security, you should not go one more day without it!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington today to have us install your car security system today.  Let us put your mind at ease.

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