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The only question worth asking after a rear-bumper accident is why didn’t you invest in a back up camera before it happened?

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Have you ever been in a parking lot backing up out of a spot and a pedestrian skitters across the lane?  Have you ever had your car packed to the gills with camping equipment, vacation duffel bags, or holiday gifts?  Have you ever accidentally backed up into one of those gas station cement barriers?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these scenarios and we all have after driving over the years), you should look into Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington 509-662-8834  installing a back up camera for your car or truck!  After all, using your mirrors in your car to back up safely is useful, but not as accurate as a camera.  The mirrors themselves advertise their short-comings: “objects in mirrors are closer than they appear.”  Installing a back up camera will allow full view of objects behind the car, including steep dips in grass, high partitions made of cement, branches or brush, pedestrians, animals, and other cars!

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The two age brackets that need the most assistance driving a vehicle are young, new drivers, and senior drivers.  Young drivers are inexperienced and haven’t had the extensive handle of the car to know it inside and out.  There is no such thing as being too safe in a car and installing a vehicle back up camera for a new driver will not only help them learn the size of the car, but see what is behind it, nearly eliminating the blind spots that cause so many minor bumps or major crashes!  Seniors have all the worldly experience of driving, but with age and experience comes lack of visual clarity and arthritis, which makes driving a car a very strenuous activity.  Installing a back up camera in a seniors car makes seeing things behind the car so much clearer as it gives them a second set of eyes on the back of the car.  A seniors reaction time might not be as quick as it once was and it is often a challenge to check blind spots.  Installing a back up camera for a senior is the best safety gift you can give!

All of the back up cameras in stock at Performance Auto Sound in Wenatchee, Washington 509 662-8834 are waterproof, so rain will never interfere with the clarity of the picture.  Also, the back up cameras can be fitted with infrared technology, allowing a night picture to be as clear as day!  A back-up camera is one of the best investments for your vehicle as it increases clarity when driving, eliminates blind spots, and can help you eliminate a fender-bender!

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The professional team at Performance Auto Sound will install a back up camera for your car or truck with the knowledge about which back up cameras are universally compatible with any car or truck and which specific models align with certain models of vehicles.  You want a knowledgeable installer working on your vehicle, and we offer nothing less than the best customer service, so you can drive and back up knowing you got the best electronic camera for your commute.  Call us today at 509 622 8834

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